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Do you have any additional fees you tack on after the project is done?


No. Whatever budget we agree to in the production agreement is the budget you will spend. If there are any additions due to production scope changes we will discuss and approve those before they are incurred.


If I want to make a change after I approve something will there be additional costs?


Yes, changes that are requested after the included revisions will incur additional expense. We will always discuss those costs with you beforehand as to ensure it is approved to make the change.


How long does it take to make a video?


A typical 2-minute typically takes 6-8 weeks from concept to delivery. But the production time for high quality video production does vary based on what we are producing. Most productions need a minimum of 3 weeks to complete, and can go up to 8 weeks and longer to complete based on how complex the production. For instance, longer training videos will take longer due to the length of the final product.


Should I use internal employees or hire professional actors in my video?


Using internal versus professional actors for talent all depends upon what kind of video you are producing. If it is a testimonial video about the company then real people can work. But if you are needing to re-create narrative scenes then stick to professional actors. The end result is well worth the investment. If you just need extras for the background of scenes then employees are ok to use, as long as they sign a waiver.


Why should I hire a professional narrator?


A professional narrator is essential to making your video production successful. Many people do not think about the fact that the audio is just as important as the video, but it is. Stick with a professional narrator. It adds $ to the average production budget, but you will not regret this decision.


Will there be any additional costs with my video production that are not on the original quote?


No. We do not want our clients to have any surprises or unexpected costs. So what we bid is what you pay in the end. The only caveat to this is if there is a scope change in the project during production. But if any added costs come up we will always get them approved before they are incurred by the production.


Why do we need a professional hair and makeup artist?


If you are creating a narrative video with actors, or simply producing interview videos it is always a very smart idea to have a professional hair and make-up artist. This will ensure that everyone on the video is looking their best. Reducing shine on bald heads, getting rid of hair ‘flyaways,’ or just adding some color to brighten a face is all very important.


Do you provide scriptwriting, or do we have to write the script?


We provide full scriptwriting and creative development services. We will learn about your business through production meetings, phone calls, and our creative brief. We do ask that our clients be prepared to provide us with as much content and information as possible so we can best learn about your business and what is driving you to produce this video production.


Can we film at our office? Or should we use a soundstage?


Depending on the project we can absolutely film at your office. If we are featuring your company or product then filming at your office or manufacturing facility is important. But if we need a more controlled environment for interviews or to build sets and create narrative scenes then a soundstage is usually the best bet.


Should we film indoors or outdoors?


Depending on the subject matter we like to have a variety of shots in our productions. If outdoor shooting is possible we need to take into consideration weather concerns as well as environment issues like loud sounds, or people that may be milling about in the background.


Can you provide video files for online use?


Absolutely. We can provide any file type for any occasion, including online use. We have optimized YouTube and Vimeo settings as well.

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Copyright  ©  2018 JD Savage Productions

Copyright  ©  2018 JD Savage Productions