College Acceptance Videos

At JD Savage, we know how much effort goes into the college application process. We make it as easy as possible for you to submit the necessary sports, dance and drama, etc. videos to make your student stand above the rest.


Every school is different with many having differing, (and sometimes overlapping) requirements. Gather up the requirements for your student's choice schools and let us know what you need, (including file type limitations and sizes). We'll make sure we shoot what you tell us to shoot. Plus, we'll add titles and edit it into the necessary sections and compilations to make sure that your student shines.

Most students have a favorite field or theater/stage setting that they would be most comfortable using. This is where their videos should be shot.

We require a zip drive, (16 GB or more), on the day we shoot. JD Savage Productions is not responsible for mechanical or technology failures, viruses or other problems relating to external media. Please ensure that your zip drive is clean and virus-free.

We will create videos suitable for the upload process. We do NOT upload them.

We can also put the final footage on a DVD for an additional $20 fee.

Basic Package
$250 includes up to one hour of footage, shot and edited to your specifications.

Every student's needs are different.
Contact us to give us the details and get started.

Plus Package

$300 Same as Basic, plus 5 headshots (stills).

  • Headshots can include up to 3 different outfits.
  • MUST be taken in the same location as the video shoot.
  • Makeup/hairstyle services are NOT provided.


JD Savage Productions currently serves an area within 25 miles of Conway, SC. Additional fees may apply for locations outside of this area. Contact Us to find out more!

Music Videos

From single locations /single performer to full blown band productions, music videos can make the difference!

Capture a live concert event. Explore the creative possibilities within the band's imaginations. Weave them together or build a narrative that stands alone. The choices are up to you. If you can communicate your vision, we can get it on video and ready to upload.


One location/one song shoots are typically $700. Every vision is different. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

Contact us to get started!


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Copyright  ©  2018 JD Savage Productions

Copyright  ©  2018 JD Savage Productions